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Reliance Worldwide is a world leader in water control, measurement and infrastructure products and services.

Established in 1949, Reliance Worldwide initially specialised in the manufacture of pressure temperature and flow control valves for mains pressure hot water services where it still holds a dominant market position.

It has since grown and diversified into a broader range of products and now offers a total package in water control measurement and infrastructure products and services in domestic and industrial markets, together with related general plumbing products.

Products include pressure and temperature relief valves, non return valves, pressure limiting valves, a range of domestic and industrial water meters, pollution prevention devices, thermostatic mixing valves, and a broad range of industrial and domestic valves, controls and fittings.

The current range of temperature control products is based on wax technology. We have developed a full range of thermostatic control products, from the very smallest to the very largest. Reliance are world leaders in this field and our pioneering product development programme enables us to manufacture products that exceed previous limitations, such as small thermostatic mixing valves that perform to a level previously not thought possible even for large valves.

The main manufacturing site is based in Brisbane, Australia and is an internationally competitive facility, using state of the art manufacturing technologies with the highest international quality accreditation and also a NATA laboratory.

Customers include Original Equipment Manufacturers, plumbing distributors, government authorities (including major water authorities) and industry.

Contact Details
Head Office: 27-28 Chapman Place, Eagle Farm, Queensland 4009, Australia.

P.O. Box 305, Fortitude, Valley Qld 4006.

Tel: +61 7 3252 3646
Fax: +61 7 3252 9391

Foundry : 71 Lavarack Avenue, Eagle Farm, Qld 4009.

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